Alabama Correctional Industries is a self-supportive division of the Alabama Department of Corrections. To learn more about ACI products and services click on the frequently asked questions below.

ACI is Alabama Correctional Industries, a division of Alabama Department of Corrections.

ACI utilizes inmate labor to produce goods and services that are sold to governmental entities within the State. The revenues generated go to offset the costs of incarceration and provide inmates with job skills and practical work experience that facilitates a successful re-entry into society upon their release.

Goods and services provided by ACI can only be acquired by those entities whose operational budgets are funded all or in part by tax revenues (e.g. state, county, and city governmental and educational organizations).

State agencies may purchase any amount of goods and services from ACI without competitive bidding. This saves time and money for you. In most cases, local government entities may also purchase from ACI without soliciting competitive bids. Please consult your local purchasing regulations if in doubt.

Two ways:

1. You can contact our Sales offices at (334) 261-3600 for more information and to request that one of our salespersons come to see you.

2. You can personally visit our showrooms at 1400 Lloyd Street in Montgomery. Our sales staff will be glad to show you what we have to offer.

While Alabama statute requires that State agencies purchase the goods and services that ACI provides, ACI prefers to market its products on the basis of exceptional quality at a reasonable price. Purchasing from ACI also helps fulfill our mission of providing meaningful work experiences for inmates. National studies have shown that structured inmate work programs reduce recidivism rates, which result in additional savings of tax dollars.

Yes, ACI offers free shipping and installation or set up with every purchase (not just loading dock drop-off!).

If you would like to sell to ACI, you must first register with Alabama State Purchasing at: